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Book your FREE 90 Minute Therapy Session

Please note your initial FREE 90 minute session (saving £112.50) will be free of charge and thereafter each Therapy session will be 60 minutes at the price of £75, however block bookings will be discounted.

Subsequent sessions will be booked by the therapist for your convenience. 

As a qualified NLP Master Practitioner my form of Therapy is unique and so for me therapy is about talking through your issues and concerns from your past and helping you, the client, to find a way to resolve them through your own personal development with a positive outcome. I regularly say to my clients that you start your therapy journey with me with a backpack full of bricks and each session we explore, discuss and throw away a brick so as you continue your journey with me you are literally lightening your load. With our clients we will revisit their past as this tends to be the place that holds most of the answers. By taking them back to their past, they are able to see it through the eyes of an adult and not the child that you were and can re-frame their past. As we tend to reflect on unhappy memories by regressing back to childhood. By using this method you are able to resolve your own issues and I am simply facilitating you to achieve your aim. We all have a story to tell and nobody should be silenced, so book your complimentary session today and remove the blockages which prevent you from aspiring to your goals and dreams and make them a reality eventually allowing you to live your best life! My clients stories lead me in many directions and this in turn has given me the opportunity to discover my areas of excellence. These include lacking of confidence, continual negative thinking, low self esteem and self worth, suppressed trauma, dealing with bullying issues and coping with bereavement and anxiety. We will work together, and revisit the trigger points which have caused these emotions and you will learn how you can re-program your mind through understanding your issues in order to think more positively and make peace with aspects which you feel are causing you concern.


Helping you to live your best life!

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