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Book your FREE 90 Minute Walk & Talk Therapy Session

Please note your initial FREE session (saving £112.50) will be free of charge and thereafter each Walk & Talk Therapy session will be

60 minutes at the price of £75.00,

however block bookings will be discounted. 

Subsequent Sessions will be booked by the Therapist

for your convenience. 

For those of you who want to seek therapy, but feel uncomfortable about being in a clinical environment, this is the perfect option for you. We offer a FREE 90 Minute walk and talk therapy where you can express yourself outdoors. With a choice of Wandsworth Common or Clapham Common in London and walking along the seafront for those of you who are located in Eastbourne.  The outdoors allows you to free your mind of those suppressed emotions and release them without any restrictions, plus you get to exercise which allows you to focus on your mind and body!


Pets are always welcome because their walk is their form or therapy!

Walking in Nature
Couple walking on the beach

Helping you to live your best life!

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