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Wellbeing Within The Workplace

Business Connexions March 2024


Men & Mental Health

The Masthead, August 2023

Men & Mental Health

Business Borough, Summer 2023


Time & Leisure Magazine, July 2023

Men & Mental Health

Mastead, May 2023

Lets Talk About Therapy

Business Connexions, March 2023


Start Living Your Best Life

Bournefree Magazine, March 2023


New Year, New Goals

Borough Business, Winter 2023

New Year, New Goals

Business Connexions, January 2023 


New Year, New Goals

Southwark Business Today, December 2022


Start Living Your Best Life

Bournefree Magazine, October 2022

Negative Customer Service Equals Negative Mindset

Business Connexions Magazine, September 2022

Wellbeing Within The Workplace

Business Connexions Magazine, June 2022

Let's Talk About Therapy

Borough Business Magazine, Summer 2022

Wellbeing Within In The Workplace

Business Borough Magazine, Spring 2022

There is always hope

BourneFree, April 2022

New Year, New You!

Business Connexions, March 2022

Positive Mindset Can Lead To A Happy Life

Business Connexions Magazine, December 2021

Brown & Proud

Business Connexions Magazine, June 2021

Brown & Proud by Reeta Minhas-Judd

This book is an account of the challenges and experiences faced by the daughter of an immigrant Asian family who moved to England in the 1950s. It is about love, family, friends, home, school and work seen through the eyes of an idealistic and hopeful British Asian woman. April 2021

You Are Not Alone

Business Connexions Magazine, March 2021

Start Up Business That Leads To A Great Change

Business Connexions Magazine, January 2020

Guest Blog

Freedom After The Sharks, March 2020

The New Normal

Business Connexions Magazine, June 2020

Training In Business

Business Connexions Magazine, September 2019

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